Chace Crawford’s pot possession plea bargain!

Chace Crawford

Believe me, it’s either this or a story about a fart Prince William released stepping out of the car to his wedding. Screw weddings. Anyway, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford apparently made a deal over his pot possession charge with the Texas courts that, if he meets certain conditions, it will pretty much wipe the incident off his record completely and leave his cuteness all squeaky clean and safe.

Sources tell us Chace —  who was busted in Plano, TX last June after cops found a joint in a car in which he was sitting — has agreed to a pretrial diversion program. Translation — if he meets certain conditions in the next 12 months, the case will be dismissed and there will be no criminal record. As for the conditions …

— He can’t be arrested or engage in any criminal conduct for a year
— He must perform 24 hours of community service
— He must report to a probation officer once a month SOURCE

Sure, none of this seems grossly hard, but at the same time, this is all over ONE joint in a car he HAPPENED to be in. Exactly how dangerous do these people think weed is? “Oh no! The terrorist just lit a joint! And now he’s sitting on his sofa eating Bugles while listening to Animal Collective … and now he’s staring off into space and giggling. Now he’s talking about how there are no women in Star Wars. Well, this has just been a huge waste of time. Oh, great, now he’s masturbating. Super.”

Chace Crawford

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