Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller: Best parents ever?

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

I’ve been purposefully ignoring the latest spat between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, mostly because I’m already following one crack-smoking famous person and there’s no way I can add two more to the bill without losing all hope in humanity. Except now it turns out Denise Richards, who’s been surprisingly awesome about looking after Charlie and Brooke’s kids since they can’t be bothered, has decided that she can’t keep babysitting the duo’s kids because they’ve started torturing small animals and kids thanks to their birth parents’ neglect. Oh my gawd. TMZ reports …

DCFS sources say the letter details horrifying conduct. Denise says Bob and Max often go into a “zombie-like state” — they repeatedly kick her dogs in the head and squeeze their heads with both hands while watching the dogs whimper in pain. She also says the kids will flip from sweetly petting the dog to strangling the animals and lifting them off the ground by the neck. According to the letter, Denise would tell the kids they were hurting the dogs, and Bob and Max would reply that they wanted to hurt and kill the dogs. According to the letter, the violence is not limited to animals. Denise says her daughters — Sam, Lola and Eloise — have been targets of the boys. She says her daughters have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on by Bob and Max. Denise describes one incident which she seems to blame on Brooke — after visiting Mueller, Bob threw a toy at Sam’s face and she had to go to the doctor.

Look, I try not to tell parents how to raise their kids, because as long as they’re happy and healthy, it’s not my place to step in and enforce my will. (Also: I am terrible with kids.) That being said, pretty much everything about this is one giant red flag. I may not be the best parent in the world, but I’m pretty sure torturing small animals, then saying they want to hurt and kill said animals, is a warning sign of much worse things to come.


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