Charlie isn’t getting his kids back anytime soon!

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

So earlier we all found out that Charlie Sheen was losing custody of his twins because he’s a coke-addicted nutcase with a history of violence and two live-in prostitutes, or as he calls ’em, goddesses. However, Charlie tweeted yesterday that he and ex-wife Brooke Mueller reached a custody agreement, but now that’s off because Brooke thinks Charlie is a gigantic media whore. No, you don’t say.

Charlie tweeted a short time ago he and Brooke reached a verbal deal that would have restored the custody arrangement the two of them struck in their divorce settlement. But sources tell us … the first term in the deal was that Charlie not talk to the media about the agreement. We’re told Brooke’s lawyers are scratching their heads in amazement that Charlie immediately violated that term by tweeting about it and talking about it on a Philadelphia radio station. We’ve also learned … the verbal agreement is not as Charlie stated — in other words, it’s not restoring the custody agreement they agreed to in the divorce.  Sources tell us … the deal required that when Charlie had the twins a monitor would be present. As for the goddesses, we’re told although Brooke does not want them banished from the house, she will not allow them to become mommy #2 and 3. SOURCE

One of the things that confuses me about how everyone on Twitter is fawning over Charlie Sheen is the fact that he is actively trying to put his kids into an unsafe environment. I don’t care how hilarious you think his drug-rants interviews and product placement tweets are, he is trying to raise his kids on cocaine and hookers, and if you don’t see a problem with that, you might want to follow Bob Barker‘s advice and get yourself spayed or neutered. Help control the idiot population.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

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