Charlie Sheen and his new love!

oh that charlie sheen…i am certainly not his biggest fan but i am for sure on team sheen vs. team richards…STAR digs a little deeper on his new love – 28 yr old brooke mueller…her step-father john fiore said brooke and charlie met about three months ago, at a private hollywood party. they immediately hit it off, and they’ve been a couple for the past two months! – brooke hails from florida and originally was trying to be an actress here in LA – she even was in the straight-to-video horror flick witchouse! obviously that didn’t work out as planned so she jumped into real estate and is now doing quite well for herself!

when asked about charlie’s (very) scandalous past fiore said i’m not concerned. they’re just accusations, and i like him a lot. charlie and i spoke for some time, and i’m convinced he is a regular guy. brooke says that he is wonderfully polite and treats her like a princess… looks like love is in the air – STAR even approached ms. mueller herself to comment on her relationship with sheen and said i would love to talk to you, but i need to check with charlie first… looks like she is already whipped – let’s just hope for brooke the bad times don’t begin to surface anytime soon…popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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