Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Charlie Sheen goes on vacation …

Charlie Sheen

… with his pot-model girlfriend, a pornstar, and his ex-wife whose throat he held a knife against. Or did he shoot her? Oh, wait, no, that was his first wife. Ha ha! I can’t keep track of the women Charlie Sheen attempts to murder marries. Anyway, Charlie and the three women went to the Bahamas, and Charlie and two women are expected to come back Tuesday. Place your bets!

Charlie Sheen boarded his private jet this afternoon along with his two new girlfriends and ex-wife Brooke Mueller … and took off for an island near the Bahamas for a private adult vacation … TMZ has learned. Sources close to Sheen tell us … the actor, his porn-star GF Bree Olson, model Natalie Kenly and Brooke will spend the next few days together … sans Charlie’s kids. SOURCE

I think if there’s one thing we can take away from all of this, it’s that the part of the woman’s brain responsible for the fight or flight response immediately shuts down in the presence of premature ejaculation and promises of Bentleys. “Hey ladies, want to go swimming with sharks? I brought the meat bikinis! Before you answer, OH GOD NNNNNNNNGUH! Whew. All right, who wants a new car?!”

Charlie Sheen

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