Charlie Sheen wants a ‘Porn Family’. Of course!

So apparently Charlie Sheen was hospitalized yesterday, but I never got around to covering it because (A) I’m lazy, and (B) At this point, unless he dies, no one really cares. Anyway, it turns out just before he was hospitalized, he was partying with pornstars and blow (did you expect anything less?) and was trying to create a “Porn Family” before he was hospitalized, which is Sheen’s code for “he literally tried to eat a brick of cocaine”.

Sources connected to Charlie tell us … during the infancy stages of Sheen’s most recent bender Tuesday night, the actor brought his realtor and some of his XXX lady friends to dinner with his neighbor George Santo Pietro — Vanna White’s ex-husband. During the boozefest, Charlie agreed to rent out George’s giant estate for four months — at the rate of $250k per month — while George goes away on an upcoming trip to Thailand. And why does Sheen need an extra mansion? Charlie explained that he wants to start a “porn family” — and he wants the “actresses” to all live in the same house. One big, smutty family. SOURCE

So basically, Charlie Sheen’s idea is to have his own harem? That sounds about right. Honestly, I have no problem with him running a harem because really, at this point sex is probably the only exercise he’s getting, but a Porn Family? Just putting this out there, but you do remember you already have a real family, right? The kind of family you can’t fuck while high on cocaine.

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