Chelsea Handler to Kris Jenner: Shut your pie hole!

Chelsea Handler and Kris Jenner

Chelsea Handler and Kris Jenner

It hasn’t exactly been a good month for Kris Jenner: Somewhere between the fact that her critical and commercial flop of a daytime talk show got canceled while her son-in-law has been the epicenter of a massive drug story, I think Kris is starting to realize that the massive pile of sh!t she sold to America is now being called out as a massive pile of sh!t. Well, now even Chelsea Handler is jumped on the “kick Kris while she’s down” bandwagon, reportedly going at her behind the scenes after Kris got all huffy over Obama’s comments about her family. Via RadarOnline

After overhearing Jenner say it was “completely unpresidential for the leader of the free world to publicly trash Kim,” a source tells the magazine Handler “came right over to Kris and told her to shut her f**king pie hole.”

“She said that Honey Boo Boo‘s mom has more class!” the insider continued. “She laid into [Kris] about Kim’s porn tape and said no one in this town likes any of them.”

Jenner allegedly snapped back at Handler accusing her of only liking Obama because he’s black — but the Chelsea Lately host let her have it. “Chelsea started to laugh and sassed Kris if she had checked who her daughters are with,” the source told the magazine.

I love how Kris and her little empire of sh!t and lies is crumbling around her and now it’s pretty much open season on her family. You can only get away with monetizing your own awfulness for so long before people start to catch on. Actually, how long did Paris Hilton last. Five years? Yeah, that sounds about right. Five years is the approximate shelf life for no-talent famewhores, and I think the Kardashians are fast approaching their best-before date.

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