Chelsea Handler to star in ’30 Rock 2: Electric Boogaloo’!

Full disclosure here: I really do love Chelsea Handler. I really do. That being said, I haven’t eaten in forty-eight hours, I just got off a seven-hour bus ride with no WiFi and I have a stomach flu, so clearly, I am not a happy Feist right now. Anyway, Chelsea is set to star in a sitcom called After Lately, a fictionalized portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes of her show Chelsea Lately. Oh boy, it’s a 30 Rock clone. Weeeeee … I’m so hungry.

After Lately, which is said to be in the same vein as HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show, will focus on the backstage goings-on at Chelsea Lately. The show will reportedly be semi-improvised based on story outlines, as with HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Eight episodes have been ordered, with production set to begin in a few weeks. No premiere date has been set for the series, which is being produced by Handler’s Borderline Amazing Productions. SOURCE

So does that mean 50 Cent will be playing Tracy Morgan‘s part? Who’s going to play Alec Baldwin‘s character? Trick question! It’ll be whoever she fucked to get this show on the air. Okay, that was harsh, but bear in mind, forty-eight hours. No food. Consider this a warning for any of you fuckers if you ever so much as think about taking my food.

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