chemical bros vs velvet underground

hey everyone! top o’ the pop mornin’ to you all! so for this week’s mashup – we promised you something new & fresh and DJ paul v. did an awesome job at picking just that! i know you guys will totally enjoy this – it is the chemical bros w/ q-tip vs. velvet underground called don’t hold back (sweet jane) – plus it even samples a drop of adina howard and U2! it does sounds a crazy mix but surely have a listen below – many thanks again to paul for hookin’ a blog up – i will let him take it from here…popbytes over & out…xxoo!

Hola amigos! I come bearing an early Cinco De Mayo treat for you, a
brand new track from one of the masters of the mashup – Go Home
. The man behind that Doors vs. Blondie mash on Blondie’s new
CD collection (and jeez – hundreds of other classics), welds together
The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip with some lip-smackin’ 70’s rock from
the Velvet Underground. And there’s more surprises inside – some
M/A/R/R/S beats, Miss Adina Howard, and some blissful U2.

For your
aural delight – check out Don’t Hold Back (Sweet Jane).

This is gonna be featured in Friday’s Smash Mix on Indie 103.1 FM at
5:30pm and most likely dropped on the dancefloor at Bootie LA this
Saturday night – May 6th.

Join us at The Echo and shake shake shake yours, y’all.

Sweet, indeed!

xxoo – DJ Paul V. (

The Smash Mix |Indie 103.1FM | Bootie LA | Dragstrip 66

» listen to don’t hold back (sweet jane) (.mp3 5.6mb) «