cher to play catwoman?!? oh my gosh!

oh my word! this is like seriously the best casting rumor…ever! UK’s telegraph is reporting that legendary 62-year old diva cher is in talks with director christopher nolan to take on the role of catwoman in the next batman film (which is set to start filming early next year in vancouver and will feature johnny depp as ‘the riddler’) i almost passed out when i read this earlier this evening (i will totally do a ‘happy happy joy joy’ dance if this all turns out to come true) of course cher is an amazing actress (and even won an academy award in 1987 for her turn as ‘loretta castorini’ in moonstruck plus she was nominated for her work in 1983’s silkwood) yet she hasn’t acted in years (i believe her last film was 1999’s super lackluster tea with mussolini and she made a lame cameo in 2003’s stuck on you as herself) i’d love to see cher back up on the silver screen – especially as catwoman!

i also simply adore the sassy kitty character (aka selina kyle who first appeared in the comic book batman #1 in the spring of 1940) michelle pfeiffer did a fabulous job in 1989’s batman returns (let’s not even mention the disastrous 2004 flick catwoman starring halle berry & sharon stone – although i did superimpose cher’s head on ms. berry’s body below) but i’d love to see what new direction mr. nolan has in store for the role this time around – supposedly he wants cher to play ‘a vamp in her twilight years’ which sounds totally delectable to me – if she does land the role it will literally be the cat’s meow! popbytes over & for tonight…xxoo

a studio executive said: “cher is nolan’s first choice to play catwoman. he wants to her to portray her like a vamp in her twilight years. the new catwoman will be the absolute opposite of michelle pfeiffer and halle berry’s purring creations.”

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