Chris Brown is out of rehab after two weeks

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Two weeks ago, Chris Brown went into (ahem) “rehab” for his anger issues after he got into yet another fight over nothing. Well, he’s already out, so I’m just going to assume that this PR-mandated quickie stint will finally teach him how to control himself. Right? … Right? TMZ reports …

TMZ first reported … Brown checked into a Malibu rehab facility for anger management 16 days ago … after a street brawl in Washington D.C. in which he allegedly punched a guy in the face. At the time … we were told Brown could be in rehab for up to 3 months — sources told us “The rehab facility has been told to take him [Brown] apart and put him back together.” Now … a little more than two weeks after entering the program … Brown has checked out. Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, tells TMZ his client needed to get out of the facility to start the community service he’s required to perform in the Rihanna case. As you may recall, the judge would not accept the hours Chris claimed he had done, and made him do it all over again.

TMZ also reports that Chris is moving out of The Hollywood Hills in favor of Malibu, which makes me wonder. Chris can move wherever the hell he wants, and he can do all the PR redemption he wants, but I think he’s operating under the assumption that OTHER people are the problem, not himself. If he continues going around with that in his head, he’s never going to change. It’s going to keep happening again and again and again.

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