Chris Brown is throwing gang signs now?

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

It’s only been a few weeks since Chris Brown has been released from jail, and you’d figure he would at least try to act like he actually learned something and his entire stint in anger management and jail weren’t just huge time sucks. But you’d be wrong, because he’s already getting fall-down drunk in clubs and throwing gang signs. He’s hardcore, ya know? He was Rooster in Battle of the Year, bitch! He studied choreography with Josh from Drake & Josh! You come for Chris, you come correct son.

The video is clear … Chris dancing at a BET afterparty — the one where he got wasted and had to be carried out — and he wants everyone to see him gang banging. Chris is specific … giving a verbal shout out to a specific subset of Bloods — the Fruit Town Piru. FYI … Piru is a street in Compton where the first known Bloods gang was formed. SOURCE

Except here’s the thing: You know Chris never actually got his hands dirty. This is someone whose last big freakout involved him throwing a brick through his mom’s car window. That’s not hardcore street realness, that’s something that your kid brother does while playing out in the yard. I bet Chris was grounded for two — no, THREE whole weeks for that. No TV, no Playstation, no nothing. But that’s just the kind of no love street smarts Chris got.

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