Chris Brown might be getting out of jail (For the right price)

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Well, that was fast. I mean, it’s Los Angeles, and we all knew that it was ultimately going to go pretty easy on Chris Brown, but according to TMZ, he might already be getting his ticket out as long as he settles with that guy he punched in the face. So you know, a couple hundred thousand dollars, a get out of jail card … at least they didn’t pull a Lindsay Lohan and let him out after a couple minutes because they had no room.

Sources connected with the D.C. assault case tell TMZ … Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, has contacted the lawyer for the man who claims Chris assaulted him in D.C., breaking his nose, and offered him a BIG FAT CHECK. We’re told Geragos is gunning for a civil settlement … which could very well mean the broken nose guy would tell prosecutors he no longer has an interest in pursuing the criminal case. And our sources say prosecutors are aware of the civil settlement negotiations. We’re told Geragos may have already sealed the deal but if not … it should be done in a day or 2.

Man, the prison system in LA is pretty much a revolving door, isn’t it? Hell, I’m pretty sure it LITERALLY is a revolving door. “All right Mr. Brown, just walk right around, and there we go! You’re good now. Feel free to pick up your gift bag at the coat check, and if you want, you can buy a souvenir photo at the kiosk by the exit. Also, have this bag of free candy.”

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