Chris Brown’s Mom: Blaming anger issues on his friends

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Back when Justin Bieber started circling the drain, Scooter Braun tried to pass the blame off on Justin’s entourage before he got ride of them, only for Justin to just end up getting into even worse trouble once they were all gone. So of course, here’s Chris Brown‘s mom blaming her son’s poor behavior and anger issues on his friends instead of. Because if it’s not their fault, then people might start blaming her and her need to coddle her son for how Chris turned out, and that would be just awful. TMZ reports …

The mommy issues clearly go deeper than just chucking rocks at her car … apparently Breezy and his mom have been having issues off and on for a long time … mostly due to his out-of-control friends. According to sources close to Chris … his mom believes his crew only hangs around for the money and fame … and she thinks they got him addicted to weed. We’re told the pot smoking got so bad … Chris was regularly stoned around his own mother … and she got fed up with his disrespectful behavior.

Of course, what this fails to acknowledge is that Chris never HAD to hang out with any of his friends in the first place, and that would mean that he’s actively seeking out people like himself to hang out with. Not to mention the fact that weed is probably, like #28 on the list of things that’s wrong with Chris right now. “Man, that guy who beats women should really stop smoking weed. Doesn’t the guy who beat Rihanna know that that’s the worst thing a person can do for himself?” said no one, ever.

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