Chris Brown: F*ck off, I have a Grammy now!

Chris Brown

Yesterday, I took the stance that while Chris Brown hasn’t really redeemed himself in any real way for his domestic abuse against Rihanna, I wasn’t ruling out the possibility of redemption if he ever actually took responsibility for his actions. But this is Chris we’re talking about, so of course he responded to all his critics by calling them “haters” (how original!) and saying that he won a Grammy which apparently erases the fact that he nearly beat his girlfriend to death. MTV reports:

Chris Brown has some very pointed words for those who were critical of his return
 to the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. “F— off.” In a Twitter rant that has since been deleted, Brown went off on the people who questioned whether he deserved to be at the show three years after he missed his scheduled performance due to his assault
 on then-girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 awards.

“HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F**K OFF!” Brown tweeted on Tuesday in a widely reported screed that has since been deleted, but was preserved by the Mashable site. The site reported that a trending topic during the Grammy show was “wife beater” in reference to Brown.

“Strange how we pick and choose who to hate!” Brown reportedly wrote. “Let me ask u this. Our society is full of rappers (which I listen to) who have sold drugs (poisoning). But yet we glorify them and imitate everything they do. Then right before the worlds eyes a man shows how he can make a Big mistake and learn from it, but still has to deal with day to day hatred! You guys love to hate!!! But guess what???”

An unnamed source said to be close to Brown denied that the singer posted the comments himself, telling RadarOnline that “someone does his postings on Twitter and when he saw that he ordered it taken down immediately.” A spokesperson for Brown could not be reached for comment at press time.

It should be noted that Brown is claiming he actually had someone else tweet it, which is all kinds of incredibly dumb bullshit because that would mean Brown found the angriest, most incoherent person he could and thought “yes, this person is a great representative for me.” But really, has Chris learned anything from this? He’s still angry, violent, can’t control his temper, hateful, and prone to lashing out at anyone he feels is offering even the slightest of criticism. If Chris learned anything from Rihanna, it’s that stupid teenagers will forgive anyone if they’re rich and hot enough.

Chris Brown

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