Chris Brown responded to Miranda Lambert on Twitter

Miranda Lambert

So after Miranda Lambert fired a round of justified criticism at him on Twitter, Chris Brown decided to respond to her on Twitter exactly the way you thought he would … well, actually he didn’t trap her in a car and repeatedly punch and bite her face then leave her for dead, so I guess it wasn’t exactly the way you thought he would.

@ChrisBrown: Using my name to get publicity? I love it! Perform your heart out!

@ChrisBrown: Go buy @miranda_lambert album! So motivational and “PERFECT”!

So yeah, Chris was a whiny, passive-aggressive little bitch on Twitter because someone didn’t like how he nearly beat a woman he claimed to love nearly to death. Shocker? Bitch, you’re a public figure, and all your actions are too, and like it or not but people are going to hold you accountable for the shit you do. That’s the cost of being rich and famous. And if you think you can just beat a woman and everyone is going to let you sweep it under the rug because you did the bare minimum to redeem yourself while learning nothing from your actions, you’re a fucking idiot.

Miranda Lambert

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