christina aguilera – back to basics – leaked!

yes it’s true! almost 2 weeks before it lands in stores christina aguilera‘s new album back to basics has been leaked to the internet – i am settling into the double album right now and will be back shortly with my thoughts! woo hoo!


oh my…not so sure how i feel right now…ok i’m not going to slam back to basics but i will admit right off the bat – i’m disappointed! you could have cut my anticipation with a knife – i had such high expectations and sadly i don’t think ms. aguilera delivered like she did on stripped which ironically i picked up today at virgin for $10 bucks! now that is a great album – this second outing after four years is just ok…sorry folks – i have to call it like i hear it!

christina does fufill her intentions/goals and carries her whole ‘throw it back’ vibe from start to finish but after twenty-two tracks i was done listening to it! i don’t think you could put it on repeat – the gimmick seemed to grow old really quick…ain’t no other man is hands-down one of the best tracks and was a very smart choice for the first single (it’s so my summer ’06 song) i also really enjoyed oh mother and still dirrrty…there are some great moments & xtina has a stellar voice but damn girlfriend needs to calm herself down on all the ‘yeahs’ & ‘whoas’ – they’re practically on every song! disc two is really working the ‘back to basics’ theme and could be sold as a bonus or used for b-sides! the album just didn’t grab me like some other recent listens (like nelly furtado, lily allen, basement jaxx)

i am really curious to hear what other people think of back to basics – it’s not terrible by any means and maybe my expectations were set too high (um yeah…i have a reputation for pumping myself up over things) perhaps it will grow on me but as far as albums go they usually either grab me right off the bat or they move on down the line – christina so needs to release oh mother for her next single – an excellent ballad – perfect for radio play! maybe on her third album she should perhaps be a drop less ambitious…but i totally admire her for trying…there is a lot worse than this out right now!

PS i would have loved to share a few tracks here but i know this release is being very protected and it’s not worth getting in trouble over plus it’ll be in stores two weeks from today (and i’m sure some of you will be able to ferret out the ‘leak’) oh i wonder what christina’s sales will be like? the album should have a strong showing upon the initial drop – i don’t see it hanging around like stripped though – which was on the charts for what seemed like an eternity…


01 – Intro (Back To Basics)

02 – Makes Me Wanna Pray

03 – Back In The Day

04 – Ain’t No Other Man

05 – Understand

06 – Slow Down Baby

07 – Oh Mother

08 – F.U.S.S.

09 – On Our Way

10 – Without You

11 – Still Dirrty

12 – Here To Stay

13 – Thank You (Dedication To Fans…)


01 – Enter The Circus

02 – Welcome

03 – Candyman

04 – Nasty Naughty Boy

05 – I Got Trouble

06 – Hurt

07 – Mercy On Me

08 – Save Me From Myself

09 – The Right Man

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