Christina Hendricks is on fire!

Christina Hendricks

No, seriously, she accidentally set herself on fire. Ha ha! Thursdays … anyway, Christina Hendricks‘ red hot physique got a little hotter when she accidentally set her coat on fire, which I think happens to all of us, doesn’t it? I mean yes, granted, I probably should have waited for the bananas foster to to extinguish before I slammed my face into the dish, but that’s why God invented fake eyebrows.

The actress got too close to a candle at the glitzy gathering and set her spring trench coat on fire, fellow guests said. The party was held at Sunday at New York hotel The Carlyle, where the Empire Suite was decked out with burning candles. Hendricks, 36, managed to extinguish the fire – but it burned a huge hole in the coat, which she ended up throwing away. SOURCE

Would it be inappropriate to make a fire-crotch joke here? Actually, I think that would only work if her pants caught on fire and she were Lindsay Lohan, and even then the joke is about four years old at this point. On the plus side, at least she wasn’t hurt, and on the downside, it’s a shame it didn’t happen to one of her co-stars instead (I’m look at you, January Jones.)

Christina Hendricks

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