Christina Hendricks and Neil Patrick Harris in their undies?

Christina Hendricks and Neil Patrick Harris

So Christina Hendricks BOOBIES! and Neil Patrick TITTIES! Harris were a part of Stephen Sondheim‘s musical, Company, and in order to MELONS! sell the show, the producers apparently thought that JUGS! it would be a great idea to have them both HOOTERS! go out on stage wearing nothing but their underwear, which means CHESTICLES! we can all expect it to start raining Tony Awards any KNOCKERS! minute now.

Christina plays a ditsy and naive airline stewardess called April, who sleeps with the main character, self-confirmed bachelor Robert, played by Neil Patrick Harris. And in the scene where she goes back to Robert’s apartment for a ‘night cap’, Hendricks strips down to the white chemise, which clings to her curves in all the right places. But Saturday saw her do it for the last time, as the musical performed its final night after a short four-night run. SOURCE

Holy crap, Christina Hendricks? And Neil Patrick Harris? Together? Mostly naked? In public? Holy crap people, if this isn’t proof enough that there is a loving God who is smiling down upon us this very second, I don’t know what is. Just to prove to you how full of hope this has made me, I just shot rainbow magic love out of my eyes at a hobo and he turned into a kitten. A kitten made of jelly beans. Epic.

Christina Hendricks and Neil Patrick Harris

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