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yo boys & girls – oh that coldplay is back and the new album x & y just rocks – and this time a bit happier and lighter (and personally popbytes just loves it!) – reflecting the joy of lead singer hottie chris martin (aka gywneth paltrow’s hubby) and his recent marriage and parenthood (proud daddy of that adorable ms. apple martin!) below are quotes which i thought you all might enjoy! he is so talented, so cute, and married to a great lady – rock on coldplay i see much good fortune for this album! popbytes out!

Chris Martin shares his personal song process

I feel the best songs are sent. I’m there to grab it. I just spend hours and hours waiting, sitting at the piano writing a bunch of crap. As a reward for just sitting there writing nine weeks worth of crap, I think God or whatever you want to call it, him or her, sends you this song as a reward for slaving away for so long.

Chris Martin talking about the new sign on his hand

The equal sign is on my hand because everyone is kind of sick of seeing Make Trade Fair. It’s a new way of saying it. The same idea dressed up and just slightly more cryptic.

Chris Martin explains the title of the new album

X&Y is an answer which you give to something that doesn’t really have an answer.

Chris Martin shares an example of how the band strives for perfection. After the album was already submitted

We booked a studio, which must have cost tons, to change four seconds of music that no one will ever notice.


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