common is so hot!

hey kids! so i just came in from walking the dogs – and there was like 8 visible helicopters hovering locally – who knows what is going down in this crazy town tonight – on a tuesday – i swear i fall asleep to the ‘copters and wake to them as well – just another day in the oh so glamorous hood – los angeles is so so so great but makes NYC look like a kiddie playground (people from california are shocked and – yes even a little upset that i rate NYC 100% safer than LA – the honest to pop truth) – so anyways moving on i wanted to point out an upcoming hot music release from hip-hop/r&b talent common who is about to drop an album on may 24th simply entitled BE – oh it’s so smooth – and so worthy of this popbytes shout out – there is one track (#5 – testify ) that i just can’t get out of my head – i swear this is my type o’ hip-hop (ms. karen i think you will love this! and ms. elana already does!! xxoo) – smart – smooth – and groovy (and has guests spots by kayne west and yes even john mayer – this is one album i suggest you check out…popbytes listening to the ‘copters above – over & out!

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