Conan O’Brien is a national hero!

Angry Birds

Last week, Kim Kardashian declared war on humanity by unleashing a single so terrible, even the deaf pray for death. Anyway, it was bad enough to warrant Conan O’Brien to destroy a boombox playing her song. On his show. And the bonus to this all: HE USED ANGRY BIRDS.

Sorry, we got a little carried away. But when Conan uses one of our favorite things, Angry Birds, to destroy one of our most loathed things, albums released by people who have no business singing, we get that way. You might remember that Conan recently unveiled the world’s largest live action Angry Birds game. And since he still had the game components at his disposal, why not revisit it on the show again, but this time, use the birds to stop Kim Kardashian’s new song, Jam from playing? SOURCE

Sadly, he couldn’t really destroy it with the actual birds, so he had to use a bat. All in all, still more useful than those goddamn boomerang birds. Or the ones that lay eggs. Jesus, I get that birds with no feet or wings can’t really do a whole lot, because at that point they’re essentially just heads … but honestly? Still more useful than Kim Kardashian.

Angry Birds

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