controversial yogurt ads from brazil

good evening! oh those brazilians are stirring up a bit of controversy here over new ads for itambé fit light yogurt – classic movie scenes are re-worked to feature ‘larger’ ladies – in place of sharon stone in ‘basic instinct’, marilyn monroe in ‘the seven year itch’, and mena suvari in ‘american beauty’ – the tagline is the kicker…forget about it. men’s preference will never change. fit light yogurt. i’ve never been to brazil – i’d love to go someday but for now i’d imagine there is a totally different mentality down there (i don’t like to assume things but i bet brazil is a skinnier nation than the US…) these ads would be burned if they ran here with riots in the street – the message is certainly not ‘big is beautiful’ (i’ve got to mention those dove real beauty ads which represent an ad campaign completely opposite of this one!) yet if you can forget about the yogurt and the tagline – the photos are actually very well done & stylish! (my gosh we went from skinny to fat in the span of 24 hours!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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