courtney love is so on track…

y’all know that courtney love is one of my favorite lady rockers (who else do you know that’s got a tattoo dedicated to ms. love?!?) and i’m so thrilled that she really has been doing well lately – remaining composed and sober and being a mom/pal to daughter frances bean (gosh she is like a spitting image of her dad…we still miss that kurt) courtney is even making rounds at events like rumer willis‘ 18th birthday party (pictured below) looking fabulous and put together! i still stand 100% behind her last solo album america’s sweetheart (for some reason people didn’t care for it – whatever) and the next one has been in the works and it sounds like the album might be even better her second solo time around! she’s been working with the always awesome linda perry plus the super talented billy corgan – this could prove to be one very hot album! ms. perry said in a recent interview exactly how i feel about that courtney…

it’s fucking courtney man. she is, to me, the real deal. you know, if you ever had the chance to sit with her, she is by far, and i’m talking top five, one of the smartest persons i’ve ever met. she’s got enormous information crammed into that head. (laughs) and some useless information too, (laughs) but it’s like. she is an encyclopedia of information and thought. she’s so talented, and lyrically, i just think she’s a genius. and she’s the perfect example of…does courtney have the greatest voice in the world? no. absolutely not. but you know what makes her so great is she’s got so much emotion, so much raw emotion behind that voice. you instantly know in the first know, that that’s courtney love. it’s a very distinctive voice. very powerful presence…read more

anyways it’s friday night and i’ve been up since 545am and i’m so wiped out – oh i’m gonna sleep in tomorrow! oh i almost forgot – i had two small celebrity sightings today…first up was los angeles’ staple diva angelyne who parked her infamous pink corvette and was walking down my block – all done up as always (i didn’t have my camera with me – trust me popbytes was so bummed!) and then i spotted actress leelee sobieski shopping at whole foods down by third & fairfax…looking very casual and kinda frumpy! (she’s in the upcoming film the wicker man) you so gotta keep your eyes peeled around here! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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