Courtney Stodden is ‘The Corpse Bride’

Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden

I remember the first time we reported on Courtney Stodden. It was about two years ago, and despite the fact that she did absolutely nothing and was only famous for marrying a 50-year-old guy (Doug Hutchison) for money and attention, while demanding tens of thousands of dollars for interviews, even though stupid teenagers are like a dime a dozen. Anyway, ever since she first became pseudo-famous, we’ve been waiting for the day she turned to porn, because it’s not like she can do anything else. Well, today’s the day, because here’s Courtney on the cover of Girls and Corpses, the magazine for guys who like seeing girls being felt up by zombies. WAIT WHAT. EXPLAIN THIS, PRESS RELEASE …

“I had so much fun shooting the cover for Girls and Corpses,” grins Courtney, “I’ve never experienced rolling around with a corpse before, let alone in such a suggestive manner, but I kinda liked it … in more ways than one, haha.” Girls and Corpses Deaditor-In-Chief, Robert “Corpsy Rhine” add, ” We were thrilled to beat out such magazines as Playboy to get this iconic beauty on our cover and in a revealing photoshoot. Coutney Stodden has a great career ahead as an actress, model and reality show star and this issue will be our best seller ever. Doug Hutchison was at the shoot and very supportive. You can see there is a lot of love between them and he supports her wild side.”

Ooooooh … so who’s going to tell him that Courtney actually tried to get in Playboy but they turned her down? Ah hell, let’s let him have his moment. They have someone marginally famous in the loosest sense of the word on their cover, and Courtney is doing porn with something as dead on the outside as she is dead on the inside. Everyone has gotten what they want out of this, in a weird way.

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