Courtney Stodden on why she dresses like a hooker!

Courtney Stodden is primarily known for her talent, ability and- nah, I’m just kidding. She shacked up with a guy in his fifties while she was still a minor and then started dabbling in softcore porn. And on the new season of VH1’s Couples Therapy, Courtney finally reveals why she dresses and acts like a porn star even though back then it would have been illegal: Attention. Oh, and also something about comfort, but yeah, like she wears seven inch lucite heels because they’re functional. Via TooFab

On last night’s episode of Couples Therapy on VH1, the then-17 year old was put on the spot by relationship therapist Dr. Jenn Berman, who said her “hypersexual” demeanor was common for sexual abuse victims. “No, I’ve not been sexually molested, touched in any way,” Stodden answered. “I just feel more comfortable that way. It’s not like I walk around naked.” When asked why she dresses in very revealing clothes, Courtney said “I feel like I have a good body, I’m enjoying my youth now.” Stodden (and 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchison) may think she has a great body, but not everyone in the house wants to look at it.

The weird thing is, the more I hear come out of Courtney’s mouth, the more I get the feeling that she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s someone who clearly knows what it takes to get on reality TV and has a pathological need to get on and stay on that medium. That being said, I think she lacks the long-term thinking necessary to back that up. Look there’s nothing wrong with being overtly sexual, but you need to have the talent and likeability to back it up, otherwise you’re just a famewhore. It doesn’t take intelligence to grab headlines, just shamelessness, and if she actually wants to not fade off into embarrassment and obscurity, she needs to discern one from the other.

Courtney Stodden

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