Courtney Stodden got porn offers on her 18th birthday!

You know, it seems like just yesterday that Courtney Stodden (teen bride of fifty-year-old Doug Hutchison) was assaulting our eyeballs with her weird, burn-victim-trying-to-be-sexy schtick that should have technically been illegal but somehow wasn’t. Well Courtney’s all grown up, she turns 18 today, so now all her poorly-executed attempts at sexiness are just creepy and gross, rather than being creepy, gross and immoral. Yay! And of course, she’s already getting offers for her to star in porn, because honestly, there is no other way for this to end. TMZ reports …

Now that she’s “legal” — at least 4 porno companies are hoping she puts her money (and a whole lot more) where her mouth is … offering her lucrative XXX contracts.

One of the companies is … which says it wants to “showcase [her] talents” by featuring her in a scene with male porn star Keiran Lee … who Brazzers describes as the man with the “million dollar penis.”

Stodden also got an offer from … which says it already penned a porno movie specifically for Courtney based on her real life experience with Doug Hutchison. The flick is called, “Happily Humping My Hubby.”

TMZ obtained a copy of the script, which contains the following line for Courtney:

“I may be young but I can s*** a d*** like a much, MUCH more experienced s***. I’ll d*** t**** it, l*** his b****, do whatever I gotta do to get that m**** l*** all on my f***.”

The sad thing is, even censored into complete incoherency, that sentence is still more comprehensible and less creepy than anything Courtney has ever said. Anyway, Courtney should probably take them up on their porn offers, because I mean … what else does she have going for her? Honestly, the only reason anyone paid attention to her was because she was way too young to be that weirdly sexual, and now that she can legally be a creepy prostitute, her camp value is kind of dead.

Courtney Stodden

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