crazy claymates invade hollywood blvd

well they may not be ‘crazy christians’ (studio 60 rocked again last night btw) but those claymates are pretty close…today clay aiken is making two stops on hollywood blvd and all the ladies (aka claymates) are getting ready for him! first he’s doing a signing an in-store signing at virgin records across the street and tonight he is appearing on jimmy kimmel – although i can’t stand mr. aiken i just had to run downstairs and snap some of the clay action – it’s just too funny! someone even had denim bag with his face ironed on the side! i love the balloon picture though – i had to ask these two little old ladies if i could snap their balloon – both were quite suspicious but allowed me to take the picture – little did they know i would be trashing clay! the shocking news though is that his album released just last week actually knocked justin timberlake off the top spot on the billboard charts…that’s such a freakin’ shame! especially because mr. aiken’s album is just a bunch of dumb ass covers of ‘love’ songs – ugh gag me with spoon! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

UPDATE on my way back from lunch i got inside virgin and snapped the two pics at the very bottom – i wish they were more clear but it was a bit crazy inside as you might imagine! i was in the middle of all these claymates – it made me a little scared!

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