damn those TV cancellations!

oh it’s all fun and games in the beginning of the fall when a bunch of new television shows try to grab our attention & viewership – the buzz is everywhere but then around this time of year – the cancellations start to flow in…shows lay slain in the gutter…i am very upset about two shows being cancelled (and soon there will be a very big third upset if FOX does indeed pull the plug on arrested development – which i know they will)

first up is reunion – okay i admit this show is a drop cheesy – but the storyline is so damn addictive – i don’t know if i can bear not finding how the whole thing wraps up – i’m a bit surprised with the big ‘OC’ lead-in that this show didn’t fare better in the ratings war – plus what a neat concept for a show (very quickly it’s about a group of high school student friends involved in a murder mystery – that spans 20 years from their graduation up until the present – each episode is one year – told via flashbacks from the present) – the music was also great as they went by each year – there will still be some more episodes airing on FOX (like tomorrow night) – i really hope they let this season play out its 20 episodes…we shall see – at least let them play out on DVD…i need to know what happens!

second up is the apprentice: martha stewart – personally i got so sick of watching donald trump do this show – so i found martha stewart to be refreshing and a nice switch up – i really think what killed it was the fact that donald also ran a new season in tandem with martha – so two nights of ‘the apprentice’ is simply too much – and i think martha just got slaughtered like a sacrificial lamb – but if you have been watching (it’s on tonight) – the tasks have been interesting – and honestly i just enjoy martha (i dig her daughter too) – i especially adore how martha writes goodbye letters to the person who leaves at the end of week – additionally the show theme song of eurythmics sweet dreams was just the icing on the cake – i will be sad to see this go…and trump can go screw himself – next season he will be doing his show from the west coast – a lame attempt to reinvigorate his show…oh my martha – you carry on girl!

i am also mildly peeved about ABC cancelling alias – but i think it’s five year run was enough – i think the 2nd & 3rd seasons best – especially any episodes with lena olin – she is so wickedly cool – i hope they bring her back for the big series finale – and damn jennifer garner is a house waiting to drop – she must have like 10 babies in her ‘affleck infected’ belly – i guess they all must arrive oh so soon…will be very interesting to see where garner’s career goes after this…up or down?!?

but there is still good tv people – besides my favorite show nip/tuck (which is just crazy at the moment – kimber is being held hostage by the carver – oh my!) – i really adore grey’s anatomy – i swear this show is totally tops – and patrick dempsey is so my boyfriend – he just doesn’t know it yet…

anyways yeah it is the end of november and i had my most unique visitors this month ever – it’s a good steady climb and i am in for the long haul (everyday my friend ckeveryday! i so thank you for that bit of inspiration – it so helps) – i can’t believe how the time is flying – i will be back tomorrow to ring in december – rock on – much love to all as always – xxoo

PS cancellations are the reason why i stick with shows like days of our lives…40 years later and still on!

other TV cancellations include:

threshold, hot properties, night stalker, inconceivable, head cases, kitchen confidential, ‘sex, love & secrets’, just legal

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