daryl hannah is so cool & she blogs!

hey kids! so last night i was watching jimmy kimmel and he had lovely & amazing actress daryl hannah on as a guest who was promoting her new film keeping up with the steins (which also stars jeremy piven) gosh i swear everytime i see daryl in an interview i just find her to be so chill, relaxed & way cool! at age 45 she still looks great and lordy she is so tall – i love tall women! i would totally love to shoot the shit with her – she seems to be so down to earth & real! i do think she is seriously underrated as an actress…she of course has had her fair (big) share of clunkers (high spirits) but she has shined a few times (steel magnolias, kill bill, roxanne, at play in the fields of the lord)

jimmy was asking her about the video blog dh love life she maintains & produces which features cool ‘diary’ footage of daryl on various ‘good for the earth & animals’ kinda things (bio diesel, hemp, vegan junkfood, etc) plus you all know that for popbytes anyone who is a big supporter of animals is way ok by me anyday! who knew daryl was doing this? i didn’t! so i totally had to go and check out her site – she does seem to be having fun with it and will be ramping up the site with more content this summer…so please make sure to stop by ms. hannah’s over at dhlovelife.com…popbytes over & out for tonight – check back in the morning for something fun to watch & get you in the spirit for the weekend – xxoo!

PS below are some recent pics of daryl at the ‘steins’ premiere – so adorable! love her!


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