David Arquette is doing just fine, everyone!

Sure, he got dumped by his wife, hasn’t had a career in over a decade and he’s now past his prime, but David Arquette is doin’ fine, everyone! Look how fine he’s doing, with his strippers, his dancing, and his inescapable, crushing knowledge that he will die alone tattoos!

Newly-single David Arquette spent the weekend in Miami posing with bikini-clad women, getting tattooed and partaking in gay dance parties. “I know people think I’ve flipped my lid but I haven’t.I’m cool.Listen to Bob Marley’s “Soul Rebel”you’ll know where I’m comin from,” he tweeted on Sunday. SOURCE

Fun fact: When my parents divorced, the first thing my Dad did was buy a bigger car and get a dragon tattoo. That’s not a joke, that’s actually what he did. Which makes me great at sensing debilitating loneliness in a man, and David is absolutely oozing it. Next thing you know, David will be buying all his lesser children Blackberrys while his one good son will have to buy his own phone, which is made out of recycled plastic. Asshole.


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