david beckham – scientology coverboy?

of course i’m ecstatic at the news this coming august david beckham will be moving to los angeles with wife victoria (who i grew to adore over ’06) i never watched soccer before (i’m so not a sports person) but i think i might actually have to get some tickets to some of beckham’s games when he plays with the LA galaxy team! (actually…a season pass is looking mighty attractive) i think that five year/$250 million contract is money well spent – i’m giddy at the thought of seeing beckham run & kick all over the field! and to boot posh is going to be dashing all over los angeles acting like the crazy fashionable diva she is – oh i love her!

but put all the excitement aside for a moment…everyone is talking about the impending conversion of the beckhams to scientology! they’ve both all been up in the whole tom cruise and katie holmes situation and david even admitted to speaking to tom just last week seeking advice – oh my word! now i’m not going to slam all the l. ron hubbard peeps but with all the bad press from last year surrounding cruise and ‘the church’ – i think it would be a super bad move on the beckhams part to jump on the dianetics bandwagon right away (plus i don’t even think mrs. cruise has fully embraced scientology – i wonder what suri makes of it all?) if david & victoria just can’t keep their pants while xenu is around then they should at least wait until they’re a bit more settled here in los angeles before becoming converts!

for shits & giggles i mocked up what could be the next poster lining one of the scientology buildings here on hollywood blvd (quick sidenote: if i go mising you all know where to look first!) i can’t believe i do this stuff for fun on my weekends – it was a total bitch getting the perspective down but i think i nailed it! scientology or not…i still say david beckham is like the hottest guy ever! (although he doesn’t have his own category like his wife does – he might need one this year) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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