david blaine does 7:08!

oh my GOODNESS! did you all catch the big david blaine finale??? i feel like i have been through the pop ringer & back on this one – for the last two hours i have been on complete edge! i felt faint…i was nervous…my heart was pounding out of my chest right along with my pal tabloid whore who i was exchanging a flurry of emails with while watching!

once the countdown started i was pacing like crazy! i was going to be sick i was so freaked out – that creepy look on his face – oh my word! i was unsure if he would do it in the end – nine minutes seemed like forever (and thank heavens there were no commercial breaks!) but alas the stunt came to an end 7:08 – failing to break world record – i had a sinking feeling as it carried on that he wasn’t going to make it :( but still a huge kudos to him for the attempt and he was first person to stay underwater for that long – poor thing looked so scared and sick but i am sure he will bounce back fairly quickly…like tomorrow morning when david is on GMA and we will find out what really went on during those 170 hours underwater! oh fuck popbytes seriously needs to chill it out now – whoa! what a crazy week it was with all this blaine madness! i did have a lot of fun keeping things fresh – so here is to the next stunt whatever that may be – i am sure he will try and top this…xxoo! (and thanks to nycarthur for the current picture!)

PS if you want to keep your nervous edge high on then ABC brings more good times tomorrow night with their bird flu movie…but it does star joely richardson so i may have to watch!

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