david gest – oddball music video star!

hey kids! here’s a way bizarre item for the evening – remember david gest? gosh – how could anyone forget him – the eccentric producer & promoter who was once married to my dear liza minnelli (that rocky marriage didn’t last very long…) apparently he’s more famous over in the UK and during a flight to scotland he met the manager of glasgow based band attic lights and struck up a friendship which led to mr. gest starring in the band’s new video for their single bring you down (available for purchase here) i actually like the track a lot but the video is super wacky featuring a bunch of little people following david around (known as the little people of davidland) along with three asian girls nicknamed the chinese girls with herpes – please go on and witness the madness for yourself below! many thanks to paul for sending me the heads up on all of this! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

Attic Lights & David Gest The Full Story

It all started on a flight to Scotland. Within hours of a chance meeting between David Gest and the manager of Glasgow’s Attic Lights, TV legend Gest was holed-up in the band’s home town studio recording a memorable monologue he wrote in 10 minutes over their forthcoming single Bring You Down.

Released on July 21st 2008 through Island Records, the single will be accompanied by a rather outlandish and decadent video featuring Kev from the Attic Lights, David Gest and his entourage of the Little People Of Davidland and the Chinese Girls With Herpes.

Also making an appearance is a guzzerling alcoholic named Alke Hall who likes to bring her men down and a nutty hotel clerk named Prunetta Pitts (whose mother loved prunes!).

Kevin Sherry the lead singer of the Attic Lights said, “We are thrilled to be working with David Gest. He is a true television legend and he is great fun. He also produced the highest rated musical special in television history ‘Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration’ – which is cool.”

The video was shot in the luxurious surroundings of the Athenaeum Hotel in London. It was choreographed by Jeffery Daniels of the legendary soul group Shalamar, who has worked with Michael Jackson and Vanessa Williams. This video is unsurprisingly David Gest. It is a fantasy story which Gest gives his personal touch in a somewhat exotic and lavish affair.

Additionally David has requested the band to appear on his forthcoming musical tour of the U.K. which will play to more than 100,000 people in October 2008.

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