days of our lives does 40!

well hello hello hello! yup it’s true – the sands in that famous hourglass have been running now for over forty years! days of our lives first aired nov 8th 1965 on NBC and is still going strong today – i must admit (although some of you do know already) that i have been watching ‘days’ for about 13 years now! it sounds crazy to try to keep up with a soap in this day & age but with my trusty tivo and my love of all things ‘salem’ – i have kept up with all the many (oh so many) trials & tribulations of the hortons and bradys – i guess it’s like a warm cozy blanket that is always there but now the producers of the show are in negotiations with NBC and they haven’t gone well in the past – so i hope they can work it out to keep ‘days’ going for another forty years – i know i would be devestated if it went off the air – that’s also another reason i watch – i can be fairly certain that i can safely invest myself and count on ‘days’ to be a familiar constant in my life unlike some other shows that you grow to love but then get yanked (like twin peaks, arrested development (soon to be a goner – i know it) & our beloved the comeback to name just a few…) – although they are celebrating 40 yrs – i think the show is in a bit of a storyline slump at the moment but that’s always how ‘days’ goes – sometimes it’s great and sometimes not but i will stick by it as long as it’s on…on another note i am so bummed that the holiday weekend is over – work tomorrow will be a complete drag but soon enough xmas and new years will be here – then in january i take the big jump and turn thirty!?! oh how the pop time does fly – rock on and i will be back tomorrow for my latest monday .mp3 – i already picked it out and the track promises to be a good one! xxoo

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