denise richards is so scary!!!

hey hey! oh my gosh – have you seen these recent red carpet pictures of denise richards??? what was she thinking?!? some hairdresser may go missing…whoever did this should be shot – in the head! or maybe it was of her own making and idea – i just hope jonathan antin isn’t responsible since it was some pussycat dolls event in vegas…his sister robin antin is the lady behind that whole mess…well no matter how it actually happened…it did & it’s a horror show! i won’t even start to comment on her outfit – ugh! richie sambora may want to think twice (hell make it three) before he gets engaged – yikes!

anyways popbytes is gearing up to head to las vegas on monday for a design conference for work – i have been all worried about being able to keep popbytes up to date while i was gone as i didn’t have a laptop…until today! i just had to get it before i left – i picked up one of the new macbooks over at the apple store in santa monica and i am loving it…nothing like working on an apple! in fact i am writing this while sitting on my couch catching the big world cup soccer game that i tivoed earlier this morning! tomorrow i will be quite busy getting myself ready but of course i will manage to dig up something to post on – popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo!

PHOTO SOURCE – im not obsessed

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