desperate housewives season #4 promo!

good evening! september is right around the corner (the 1st kicks off this coming saturday – once again time flies!) signaling the brand new fall season over on the telly! (my BFF) i know a lot of people dropped off from watching desperate housewives (ok – yes the first season was the best…) yet i still love the show – mainly due to the actresses who manage to hold it all together…especially felicity huffman! i know it’s not the best show ever but it totally holds my attention each & every sunday evening! below is the brand new promo (directed by the always talented david lachapelle) for the upcoming 4th season which premieres sept 30th (there seems to be the promise of a brand new mystery this time around) featuring a brand new jennifer lopez song ‘mile in these shoes’ from her new album brave which i’m actually really looking forward to! i’ve had many ups & downs with ‘jenny from the block’ but right now she’s on a huge upswing! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo! (thanks to ali for the promo)

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