devastated jennifer aniston: how could you!

good morning! oh i swear jennifer aniston cannot catch a break – she’s front & center AGAIN on this week’s STAR magazine (last week she was pregnant w/ twins and now she’s devastated – they’ve got her on a tabloid fueled emotional rollercoaster) even though in my mind the story is so very tired – i think people still eat this drama up (at least the people who buy the tabloids while standing in the grocery line) someone needs to turn this into a mini-series – maybe jennifer love hewitt could play jen…who could play angelina?!? if i were in charge and wanted to sell the magazine – i’d probably feature nothing but ms. aniston and her ex-hubby brad pitt too (along with angelina jolie) when brad was recently asked by oprah winfrey if he was the happiest ever right now in his life (during an interview that will be aired soon) he said dare i say and ms. winfrey responded dare i see (it sounds like brad’s facial expressions & blushing said it all – he’s so in LOVE with angelina – like no other woman before…)

brad certainly did not trash his marriage to ms. aniston – that would be so out of character for him but it’s pretty clear that he feels like he was meant to spend his life with ms. jolie – of course that’s bound to sting a bit for jen! (and it does based on her latest interview with vogue) next march – brad & jen will have been divorced for four years – let’s hope by then this drama might finally come to an end – sadly the only way that might happen is if say david beckham leaves wife victoria for someone like natalie portman or megan fox (terrible examples but you get the picture – it was really hard to come up w/ someone) that’s probably not going to happen – so jen will probably forever remain ‘the woman scorned’ hollywood poster child! popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

it’s heating up! the long-simmering feud between brad pitt’s ex-wife and the woman who took him from her is close to boiling point. jennifer aniston is seething that angelina jolie has finally spilled the beans about how she and brad fell in love months before he and jen split. “what angelina did was very uncool,” jennifer says icily in an interview in the december issue of vogue. and making her feelings for her love rival clear, jen says a cartoon in which she is pictured aiming a gun at angie was one of the “funniest things” she had ever seen.

the vogue attack marks the first time jen has spoken so publicly of the lead-up to her 2005 divorce. “there was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when i was unaware that it was happening,” she said. “i felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss.” jen’s outburst comes just weeks after angie changed her story about the way she and brad had fallen in love. after years of insisting she didn’t fall for him until he had split with jen, angie finally admitted that it happened months earlier during the filming of mr. and mrs. smith. according to vogue, jen shook her head in disbelief as she said: “that stuff about how she couldn’t wait to get to work every day? that was really uncool.” SOURCE

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