devil wears prada – can’t wait!

oh these holiday weekends sometimes can be a bummer – it was just one of those days for me – nothing in particular happened – everything is fine – i guess i just got a bit pop depressed and then i found myself watching the entire 90 minute E! THS: america’s next top model – i actually kinda enjoyed the look back with ms. tyra but i was like oh i need to find something else to get my pop blood flowing – snap out of it i told myself!

what could do that more than sheer excitement & anticipation to see meryl streep playing a bitch in the upcoming comedy the devil wears prada? i am such a huge fan of streep and i think this is such a juicy role and i know she is going to play it to the nines! i so can’t wait for the film’s release on june 30th – the film is based on the hugely popular book by lauren weisberger – a hilarious look at assistant ‘andrea sachs’ (being played by anne hathaway) and her dealings with high demanding boss ‘miranda priestly’ (streep) who is the editor of a big fashion magazine called RUNWAY (kinda ‘based’ all upon real-life VOGUE lady anna wintour) i hope this movie kicks some ass – it has huge potential (just check out the pics below – meryl is looking so fierce!) as soon as any trailers hit i will post ’em here! they should be turning up soon – june isn’t so far away – oh i hope that’s not a bad sign…anyways i have some fun stuff i am looking forward to this week – so of course please do stay tuned – i hope everybody had a fab weekend – i am ready to sink my teeth into this week – grrrrrr! popbytes over & out – much love to all as always…xoo!

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