oh happy day – i cant believe this – tis thrilling – read it and weep – diane wins head of household! – after a 9 hr and 20 minute showdown – jase (aka brad pitt – not) let go of the button – allowing diane to step up – and rumor has it that she wants to put up scott and jase on the block! oh their smug little 4 horseman faces are about to say – so long! bye bye! i love this show – fuck it’s so good (if popbytes were on a show – this is such the one!!) – and thanks to popculturejunkies.com – you can check out some ‘explicit’ pics of scott in his former playgirl layout (its kinda small) – if yr not checking out popculturejunkies.com – you for sure should – the site fucking rocks – and is on my daily read list! i swear everyday i become more obsessed with my blog – its the most fun i have had in yrs! :) popbytes out – and btw no more new ryan seacrest shows – as i walked to work this morning thru hollywood & highland – there was the sign – no longer taping…if ryan needs comfort – popbytes is here! :) xoxo

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