Did Lindsay Lohan jack up her face again?

Lindsay Lohan

I always kind of looked at Lindsay Lohan‘s face as a pretty fair warning about the purely cosmetic dangers of hard living, especially since she went from that very pretty, almost feline face to looking like the fucking trollface in the space of a couple years. And that’s WITH a make-up artist on hand. Anyway, Lindsay allegedly decided that Kris Jenner wasn’t going to be the only one going to Kim Kardashian‘s fake whore wedding because now cosmetic surgeons are saying Lindsay jacked up her face for the big day and everything.

Plastic surgeons consulted by The Post say she had probably received lip and cheek injections only days before. “Her face has been plumped beyond all recognition,” said Dr. Anthony Youn. “Lindsay, who’s 25, looks like a 50-year-old ‘Real Housewife’ trying to look 20.”

Youn said Lohan may have had her lips and cheeks injected with a wrinkle filler such as Restylane. That would have swelled her cheeks and given her a trout pout. “Lindsay’s a very pretty gal,” Youn said. “When young people get these types of treatments, there’s got to be a concern.” SOURCE

It’s pretty obvious at this point that Lindsay has, at some point in her life, gotten work done because she’s gone from pretty young woman to Perry the Platypus pretty quickly. At this point she’s torn down and rebuilt her face more times than one of those fixer-uppers you see on HGTV. Seriously, I’m surprised Mike Rowe hasn’t been called in to install support beams for her cheekbones. “Here’s your problem right here: Looks like you’ve got a bad case of termites here in the jaw line. No worries, a little caulk should fix that right up.”

Lindsay Lohan

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