did oprah betray stedman?

hey hey! this week’s national enquirer is featuring more supposed drama between oprah winfrey and her long-time partner stedman graham – by claiming oprah’s been getting all cozy with another man – i’m assuming the guy in question is pictured standing next to ms. winfrey over on portofino, italy a few weeks ago (he looks like her bodyguard to me) over the past few months oprah & stedman have been featured a bunch of times on the enquirer cover – a sign that maybe there really is trouble in their relationship but nobody knows what’s really going on (except maybe her BFF gayle king)

in other drama there’s heather locklear who apparently fled from rehab – with her doctors dramatically stating ‘she will die’ – gosh i certainly hope not – that would be terrible (and we’d know who to blame) also on health scare is legendary actor paul newman who is rumored to not be doing so well at age 83 – he’s an incredible person (married to actress joanne woodward since 1958!) and was so damn good looking back in the day (hello butch cassidy and the sundance kid) when he passes on that’s going to be a huge loss for hollywood – they don’t make talent like that anymore!

besides health issues we’ve got marriage drama for the ‘pregnant man’ thomas beatie – the couple’s new baby is causing strife… and then there could be trouble for mariah carey and her new hubby nick cannon – i swear if their union lasts through the end of this year i’ll tattoo myself with ‘mariah & nick 4EVA’ (no worries it won’t last…) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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