Did Paris Hilton attack a photographer?

Paris Hilton

Yesterday, pictures were plastered all over the web of Paris Hilton lying on the ground among a pile of men. While this normally isn’t anything new, the fact that this was a part of an alleged paparazzi scuffle was. Today, RadarOnline has a video of someone purported to be Paris trying to grab a camera out of a paparazzo’s hand for unexplained reasons. But if I had to guess: attention. She probably did it for attention.

“It was 3:30 in the morning, the party was over and I was just walking through the parking lot to go to the bathroom when I see Paris, so I turned on my camera,” Billy exclusively told RadarOnline. “I wasn’t expecting to get jumped! I’ve shot Paris a lot and am always nice to her.” It’s evident in the video obtained by RadarOnline that Paris, wearing sunglasses while indoors after a night of partying, started the physical altercation and Billy says he’s convinced Paris thought he caught something on camera that she didn’t want the public to see, so she and her entourage — including heir Brandon Davis — were trying to take it from him. “Paris was acting like she was on drugs. I know drugs, I’ve seen a lot of people on them, and Paris is one of them,” Billy says.

The thing is, the video doesn’t show a whole lot at first, and it’s not really clear what could have been caught that would make Paris want to get rid of the footage. I mean, yeah, her regular speaking voice makes her sound like a dude, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s not really a huge deal. What’s important is that it does show Paris trying to grab the camera out of the guys hands, which — and I’m not some fancy lawyerin’ kind here, but this is going off common sense. — I think is a no-no, legally speaking.

Paris Hilton

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