din da da’axel

good morning! this week DJ paul v. brings us one of his very own new mashups! It’s really quirky and fun – I think you all will enjoy it! i also must thank paul once again for continuing to bring the mashups here weekly – this is #71 (time really does fly…) i look forward to them each week as he always has something great to share here on popbytes! plus it takes the pressure off myself every thursday morning! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

I’m happy because I’ve been a busy bee, making some of my own new mash tracks. So this week you get to hear one of ’em. This one started last week, when I stumbled upon this really cool Boston band named Twink, who make music using toy pianos, xylophones, Casios, and 8-bit gaming sounds. They’d posted up their version of ‘Axel F’ and I loved it! But of course, my brain said ‘Mash it with something!’ So I kept it in the 80’s pocket by using the vocal from George Kranz‘s ‘Din Da Da’. So here we go – enjoy!

listen to DJ Paul V. – ‘Din Da Da’Axel’ [.mp3 4.6mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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