Dina Lohan: The paparazzi made me drink and drive!

Dina Lohan

Remember that time Dina Lohan got pulled over for allegedly driving drunk? Well, it turns out it was all the paparazzi’s fault. Yes, seriously. According to TMZ, Dina and her lawyer Mark Heller are trying to make the argument that Dina was driven to drink by all the paparazzi following her every move, for you see, Dina Lohan is very famous and important. Seriously.

Here’s the argument … Dina’s lifestyle presents lots of challenges and stress, brought on by the barrage of photogs that follow her. Those stresses caused Dina to down enough alcohol to register a .20 blood alcohol level as she tooled down the road. Short story — it’s our fault, not hers.

A couple things here: First, is Dina Lohan really that famous? Is she really? Second, you have to love the irony of Dina blaming the paparazzi for making her drive drunk all while she and her lawyer are standing right there in front of a swarm of paparazzi. Did anyone else notice that?

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