do we still need paul mccartney?

of course we do! a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY is going out to our dear sir paul mccartney who today turns that infamous age of 64! yesterday i got a lovely email letting me know about a tribute & parody song called paul mccartney is 64 penned (by LA resident & huge beatles fan bruce baert) to answer sir mccartney’s famous question will you still need me when i’m 64? i thought the track was very clever and quite endearing so please make sure to have a listen below!

» listen to paul mccartney is 64 (.mp3 2.5mb)

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney’s turning sixty-four,

All these years gone by.

The world wants to send him a Valentine,

A youthful guy from the best band of all time.

Even after the Beatles broke up, you never became a bore.

Paul we still need you, we’ll ‘even’ still feed you,

Now that you’re sixty-four.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – June 16, 2006 – All these years gone by and the
Beatles’ Paul McCartney is finally receiving the answer to his burning
question “Will you still need me…When I’m sixty-four?” — which he
first asked in the catchy 1967 Beatles’ song “When I’m Sixty-four.” The
answer is a resounding “yes!” and is respectfully and cleverly
personified in the new unique “Paul McCartney is Sixty-four,” a
tribute/parody song with all-new lyrics and performed with reverence to
Sir Paul. The song, more of a tribute than parody, is debuting this

McCartney’s impending 64th Birthday is this Sunday, June 18, 2006,
Father’s Day in America. The unauthorized fan tribute song’s lyrics were
written by an avid Beatles and McCartney fan who felt the famous rocker
presented a question in the original song that required an inspired
answer, and that Paul’s big birthday occasion should be marked in
history with another song everyone can sing along to, this time to Paul.

“Paul asks ‘Will you still need me?’ in this original song and we never
formally answered him. Like the words in my song say: ‘The world wants
to send him a Valentine…A 1942 bottle of wine,'” said the tribute’s
songwriter, Bruce Baert, 44, of Whittier, California. (Baert is
pronounced: “Bear-t.”) Baert added that he wanted to pen a heartfelt
tribute to the youngest living member of the best rock ‘n’ roll band of
all time. “I hope this song is quaint,” Baert quipped…

UPDATE – Here is the video for the song…


Call this the collaboration across the pond.
In another example of the real power of the Internet,
Gary M. Dobbs, a director and actor who resides in
Wales in the UK, was so taken with Los Angeles, Calif.
fan Bruce Baert’s tribute song “Paul McCartney is 64”
that he created a video for the tune and recently
posted it on You

Dobbs and Baert have never met and their only
correspondance has been via e-mail after the video was
posted to the Internet. Still, you would never know

Dobbs’ well crafted video features a montage of
Beatles and McCartney photos and video and film clips
to visually convey the reverential but tongue in cheek
spirit of Baert’s tribute song, which was superbly
performed by Tony Barron, who resides in Orange
County, Calif. So far the video has received more than
760 views on You Tube and has been featured on a
number of other Web sites.

Now, Baert’s quest is to get the tribute song and
video to the man himself — Sir Paul.

Will Paul please listen to what the fan said??

Will someone help Baert in his quest?

Stay Tuned.

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