Does Lady Gaga have lupus?

Lady Gaga

In a new “tell-all book” (read: probably a bunch of bullshit used to move some books), investigative journalist Ian Halperin is claiming that Lady Gaga is a drug-addict with body dismorphic issues. Oh, and she also wears a bunch of crazy shit at all times because she has lupus and she needs to cover it up, because clearly this bullshit didn’t contain enough vitamin C(razy).

And while most people believe her outrageous outfits and heavy makeup are just part of her act, Halperin says there is a more sinister reason behind her look. “Her lupus is far worse than she lets on,” he said of the disease, which Gaga has admitted to having. “Part of the reason she wears wigs and makeup is because her hair is falling out and she’s covered in red blotches, both side effects of the disease.” But her weight and her health are not her only problems Halperin claims. “Her drug use started young. From heroin to cocaine and ecstasy, her friends say that she has done every drug conceivable. You name it she has done it. “She’s morphed into this caricature called Lady Gaga, who isn’t even a real person. The girl known as Stefi to her friends and family has all but disappeared.”SOURCE

Know how I know this is bullshit? Because first the guy says she turned herself into walking art because of drugs and body image issues, then he says it’s because she has lupus. Seriously dude? You gotta stick to one story and one story only. I mean yes, I could probably believe Lady Gaga is on some form of drugs because there’s no way she can continually wear those gigantic headpieces without taking a hefty dose of aspirin, so I can’t blame her for that. But drugs, weight, AND lupus? That’s a little too much.

Lady Gaga

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