Oh don’t date Charlie Sheen again, girl!

So despite the fact that in the space of three months, Charlie Sheen has gone on two benders, banged at least four pornstars and contributed pretty much nothing to society besides a crappy TV show, it seems he and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller are reconciling, because it went so well last time, right? Oh, wait, last time he assaulted her on Christmas and put a knife to her throat. Never mind.

“They’re talking about it constantly, and Brooke has been saying she and Charlie are trying to get back together,” Mueller’s mother, Moira Fiore, is quoted as telling the publication. However, a source close to Mueller is singing a different tune, according to E! Online. “Charlie and Brooke talk and I think everything is still friendly between them, but I’m sure it’s for the sake of the boys. They are not together as far as I know,” the source said, claiming Fiore’s comments were taken out of context. SOURCE

I probably shouldn’t judge considering I haven’t exactly been the best at picking boyfriends, but still, going back to Charlie? Jeebus, the girl would be better off just marrying a loaded shotgun. “And do you, Brooke, take this shotgun to be your lawfully wedded-*BOOM*-Oh darn. Well, at least she didn’t get back together with Charlie.”

Charlie Sheen

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