dr. phil’s wife walks out!

good evening! oh it has been a heck of a day – i can’t deal! yesterday the engine light came on in my car so i immediately took it into the shop and now it turns out ‘something’ is wrong with my transmission (probably the worst case scenario) it’s getting fixed right now but gosh i hate dealing with car drama – i can’t even change a tire! that’s one great thing about NYC – no need to have a car but unfortunately you really can’t get away with not having a car here in sunny los angeles! i’m hoping once it’s fixed that my car will hold out for at least a few more years – i just finished paying it off and i don’t want to have another monthly car payment anytime soon! (although i’d kill to pick up a porsche but that’s not going to happen – at least not right now!)

at least i’m not the only one with drama – this week’s national enquirer is calling out trouble again for dr. phil mcgraw and his wife robin who supposedly stormed out – now the rumor is the couple is set to divorce and have put their home up for sale! i really don’t care what happens with them either way…i’ve never bought into his whole schtick! remember when he got all up & involved with britney spears? although i’m thrilled she has finally calmed down – now i kind of miss it – definitely there has been something missing from the gossip scene! i wonder who will be the next messy messerson?!? oh my word – i’m so itching for a juicy scandal (the last time i felt this way along w/ my pal tabloid whore – the very next day the whole denise richards & charlie sheen, heather locklear & richie sambora scene broke wide open!) i suggest the next big story should be for tomkat to split up – that would be killer!

the story featured at the top has totally peaked my gossip curiosity – supposedly oprah winfrey was cursed out in public by stedman graham‘s drunken daughter – could you imagine?!? drama! right now i’m actually loving ms. winfrey – did anyone else happen to catch her show last week all about puppy mills? i pretty much cried throughout the entire hour – i’m such a dog person (i’ve got three!) it was great to see oprah dedicate an entire show on the very important topic…please don’t ever purchase an animal from the pet store – there are so many dogs & cats who really need homes in shelters – if i had the space i would take in ten more! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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