Dr. Ryan wasn’t going to nip or tuck Heidi anymore!

And now for the continuation of the on-going saga that is Heidi Montag‘s freaky-ass Bride of Frankenstein carcass she calls a body: Today, one of Dr. Frank Ryan‘s staffers came forward claiming that Heidi wanted more plastic surgery, but that Dr. Ryan refused because this is clearly some sort of alternate universe where people hate money.

“(Frank) told me himself that Heidi had asked him to continue on with more surgeries since she was so pleased with the results,” one of his staff wrote in an email sent to Ryan’s long-time friend Dawn DaLuise last week. “He gave his little “geez” – look to the side – and continued, ‘She can find someone else to do it, I told her she had enough, and I was not going to do anything more for her’.” SOURCE

Okay, I know I haven’t been to kind to Dr. Ryan in the past, but I actually believe this based on the evidence alone. Heidi did say she wanted even bigger boobs after her surgery, yet in the time between that statement and the day that Dr. Ryan texted himself off a cliff, Heidi’s boobs have not gotten bigger, resulting in the Earth being thrown off of rotation and being thrown into the sun. So clearly, the fact that we are all still alive and not horribly charred to little smokey ashes is irrefutable proof that he didn’t take the bait.

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